ipad-2g-with-facetimeiPad 2 rumors and spec leaks are coming in more frequently, now that April is right around the corner. It was reported today that the iPad 2 will feature a high-resolution Retina display and will be powered by a dual-core graphics chip. This would allow iPad 2 to play 1080p HD video according to a report from AppleInsider.

The new graphics chip has not been officially announced and is said to pack upto four times the processing capability of the A4 chips in current iPads and iPhone 4’s. The graphics chip will run alongside the multiple-core ARM Cortex A9 general-purpose processor inside the tablet.

The iPad2 is rumored to have dual cameras with built in flash as well as slimmer design and a larger speaker. The tablet is also rumored to feature triple-mode wireless chip which will allow it to run on either GSM, UMTS or CDMA network which might be a feature of the iPhone 5 which is said to be out this year as well.

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