National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

National Meeting of the American Chemical Society Alternative energies is the emphasis today and scientists are exploring just about every idea trying to find an answer. A few of them are actually looking towards the sky for an answer. A new report was presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society which described a method to collect and store electricity from atmospheric water vapour.

The report mentioned that scientists were already in early stages of developing devices that can actually capture electricity from the air and store or retransmit it for consumption. The new method uses atmospheric water vapor to capture electricity. Scientists used to believe that water droplets in the atmosphere are electrically neutral and remain so even after coming into contact with the electrical charges on dust particles and droplets of other liquids. But new research suggested that water in the atmosphere really does pick up an electrical charge.

This new research will help the scientists understand lighting and how the electricity is produced and discharged into the atmosphere. Researcher Fernando Galembeck, Ph.D said, “Our research could pave the way for turning electricity from the atmosphere into an alternative energy source for the future. Just as solar energy could free some households from paying electric bills, this promising new energy source could have a similar effect”.

Galembeck said that in the future it could be possible to develop collectors similar to solar cells that could capture hygroelectricity – electricity from atmospheric water and transmit it to homes and businesses. However the amount of electricity you collect will depend on how humid the atmosphere is, the more the better.

This technology is still under development and is yet to be refined before going on trials.

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