Youtube-filmsMany have seen this coming! Youtube as of today is offering a full fledged movie service with 400 free full length movies available for streaming. You can see them at which it claims will offer everything from the latest releases to the classics. It has a nice variety of films and for some reason has a ton of Bollywood films as well. Other hits include Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee hits.

Analysts say Youtube introducing free movies is just the beginning. Google is expected to have its own TV service which is reported to be in the works and Youtube movie streaming will be an add on for it where it can offer on demand movies for free or for a very low price. Google TV will be directly associated with many google products including the new Gmail Call and Youtube movies which will enhance user experience.

Youtube also wants to push this launch will help boost the popularity for its TV site,, which includes full length shows from Channel 4 and Five.

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