Wirh 2012 near, many are eagerly awaiting the CES 2012 where many manufacturers are expected to showcase some of their coolest stuff yet. Of them, Samsung is taking the lead. Samsung released a new video teaser suggesting that something big for TV industry is coming from the Korean giant and it will be on display at CES 2012.

Samsung is focussing its new tech on smart TVs. “The future of Smart TVs”, which is pretty much 2012 for Samsung.

Samsung will be presenting the “Future of Smart TV, Now” at this year’s 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This video looks back at the many changes TVs and their owners have undergone over the past decades. Even though it hints at what’s happening next, you’ll have to wait until this year’s CES to see what the future of Samsung Televisions really has in store.

Samsung may have similar plans minus the Siri-like technology unless Google officially announced the voice-based assistant codenamed ‘Majel’ that it’s secretly working on at Google X labs.

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