Looks like this time the Chinese had a taste of their medicine! Yesterday it was reported that almost 38 million users were compromised in a series of hack attempts on Chinese websites.

The hacking community broke into multiple gaming sites and grabbed user names and passwords of millions of users. Some of these were also published online.

The affected portals are gaming websites including hacking178.com, 7K7k, Duowan, etc. This also included an attack on the CSDN attack where user names and passwords of more than 6 million programmers were hacked.

7K7K lost as many as 20 million user details while 178.com is claimed to have lost 10 million accounts and even some social networking sites like Renren have reportedly been affected by the attacks.

Hacking of any form is wrong however this time with the Chinese getting hacked, might provoke an online battle as obvious suspects are the West.

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