Facebook today started rolling out another feature called the “Listen With” where you can chat and listen to the same song while chatting. This latest advancement within Facebook appears to have taken that to the next level, by letting you engage in a chat conversation with friends whilst listening to the same music at the same time.

This is what Facebook had to say – “Look for the music note in the chat sidebar to see which of your friends are listening to music. To listen with a friend, hover over their name, and click the Listen With button. The music will play through the service your friend is using. When a new song plays, you’ll come along for the ride, discovering new music while your friend DJs for you.”

This new feature adds a whole new dimension to Facebook and also introduces Facebook to the music industry. Facebook’s reach is its power and it can easily demand payments from the music industry to stream or feature a song.

More as we know it.

with facebook feature

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