facebookLast year Facebook celebrated signing up 500 million users and the growth hasn’t stopped. Facebook is still growing towards 700 million users and currently it has 687 million monthly active users, thats almost twice the population of the entire United States!

Facebook is seeing its new growth from countries that are slow in adopting Facebook. The trend does not seem to stop as computing is getting cheaper and faster. Facebook gained about 11.8 million more people in May which was lower than 13.9 million it gained in April. Facebook is seeing this trend more often now where the number of registered users is dropping by a million every month.

US and Canada dropped by about 6 million and 1.52 million users since past year. Other countries include United Kingdom, Norway and Russia. It sure looks like Facebook is headed towards market saturation. There might be a day when Facebook will only register a few thousand new users a month because the market has already been saturated.

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