There is news spreading the internet as wild fire! It is being widely rumored that Apple will be launching unlocked iPhones this wednesday! The rumor sprung into action from speculation that the iPhone 4 will be coming out unlocked in the Europe.

A tweet from iPhone developer Chronicwire said that come Wednesday this week, Apple will, for the first time, have iPhone 4 devices unlocked in the US. This means the phones will no longer be tied to AT&T and Verizon anymore.

Other blogs like BGR picked up the news since ChronicWire is famous for his predictions. Apple however has always sold iPhone 4 without a so called “contract” in the Europe. This means users were able to change calling plans and carriers as they wished.

If this news is true, this will mean that users will finally be able to get the iPhone on networks like Sprint. It may also be sold in two variants, the UMTS and CDMA giving consumers more choise for the product. Lets see what this Wednesday will bring.

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