Apple finally today has began to sell its unlocked version of its GSM iPhone 4 here in the US. Yesterday we reported that a tweet from an Apple developer said that Apple will be releasing unlocked iPhone 4 from Wednesday. The launch came in a day earlier and Apple today launched the iPhone 4 unlocked for an expensive $649.

The unlocked 16GB will cost $649 while the 32GB model is going for $749. The unlocked iPhone 4 is available in black and white and has nothing different than an AT&T or Verizon iPhones.

GSM is beneficial for travel and is also the world standard when it comes to cell phones which allows travelers to use the device on other GSM networks outside the US. T-Mobile in the US also offers a GSM network that partially works with the iPhone 4.

$649 is a terrible price. It should rather be less than$200.

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