Today Inquirer reported that Facebook users were hit with with a number of offensive and inappropriate images that they did not request. Reports suggest that the images have appeared in users’ news feeds without their permission and are rather foul in subject. “It isn’t presently clear precisely how the offending content has been spread – whether users are falling for a clickjacking scheme, are being tagged in content without their knowledge, have poorly chosen privacy settings, have been tricked into installing malicious code, or have fallen victim to another vulnerability inside Facebook itself,” wrote Sophos security expert Graham Cluley,

“What’s clear, however, is that mischief-makers are upsetting many Facebook users and making the social networking site far from a family-friendly place.” The feeds come in one a time and is said to have begun at a time when Anonymous checkng out the Fawkes virus which can potentially bring down Facebook.

Interestingly, in a Twitter feed, Anonymous posted, “#d0x of Mark #Zuckerberg by @mum8l3z He has every #Facebook users info why shouldn’t we all have some of his!!,” says a message tweeted out by the @Anon_Central account that links to a pretty comprehensive wiki on the Facebook CEO. A new denial of service attack tool aimed at Facebook was also released yesterday and appeared as a post on the Anonymous Central Tumblr account.

Let us know if you had seen pictures you don’t recognize in your account.

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