Finally all our prayers are close to being answered! After about two years of being promised the tethering option,iphone-tether which allows your phone to be used as a wireless model, AT&T and Apple seem to be indicating that the new iPhone OS 4 will quench our thirst in that regard.
Developers who got to look at the beta version of the iPhone OS 4 have found that tethering might arrive soon.
The new OS is officially due sometime this summer and tethering if added in this release will be a major boost for the iPhone sales but will also add to the stress that AT&T’s networks are already having thanks to the smart phones and increased data transfer.
Tethering is offered by other carriers of the iPhone and other smart phones already offer this, however AT&T’s overloaded networks have prevented this from happening.
Looks like AT&T wants to retain customers and who knows might completely switch to providing wireless internet over cellular networks.
With 4G Wimax internet booming, this is a great way for the telecom and ISP service providers to reduce line laying costs while providing higher speeds over the cellular network.

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One thought on “Finally! iPhone OS 4 beta reveals tethering option”
  1. Internet Thethering works on my Iphone since OS Version 3. And sometimes, i use it.
    Could it be, that this function is “Localized”?

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