This was worth mentioning. Tape drives are not yet things-of-the-past. Research is being done on it still and part of that research ended up with the Japanese making a 50TeraByte magnetic tape cartridges for the first time ever. Remember 1 Terabyte is a 1000 GB. Thats a lot! Just imagine how many movies you could store on that little beast!


In a joint effort between Hitachi Maxell and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the world’s most capacious tape catridge was developed. IBM and Fujifulm had developed 35TeraByte cartridge back in January but this new development beats that record. 

With the advent of optical storage and the new flash storage, tape drives are increasingly being put out of business however the industry is so hopelessly dependant on them that they are predicted to be around for quite a bit of time.

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