Microsoft is revealing the official details of its 360’s Project Natal which is named as “Kinect” on the firt day of pre-E3 activities at the University of Southern California. There were also rumors of an ad showing off a new, trimmer 360 model as well as the motherboard of the newer xbox.

Microsoft is expected to announce more details at the Cirque du Soleil event however USA Today revealed official names and the list of games that are built exclusively for Kinect systems. Information about its price and shipping date is indicated ahead in the blog, read on.

At E3 Microsoft did show some gaming footage that was extremely interesting to see the new technology. There is rumor that the new model will sport builtin features such as Wi-Fi and faster processing power which were fueled by a leaked video on an Italian video.

Some of the list of Kinect games revealed today are

1. Kinectimals: A virtual trainer that lets you train and play with 20 different animals including tigers, lions, and cheetah.


2. Kinect Sports: Something similar to Wii Sports, Kinect sports features table tennis, boxing, bowling, soccer, beach volleyball, and track and field; all controlled using your body. Have a look at the video.

 3. Joyride: A Kart-Style racer where you grip your hands on an imaginary steering wheel and use your foot for the gas and brakes.

4. Kinect Adventures: This game combines a river raft simulator and obstacle course for up to four players.

5. Dance Central: A product by MTV games is nothing but a motion-controlled dance-off.

While the above games sound very interesting Disney and Lucasarts have also announced that classic Disney and Star Wars characters will soon be appearing in upcoming Kinect games which are being actively developed.

Not just that, it has also been reported a few minutes back that the new Xbox Kinect will ship immediately and is priced at $299, the same price as the present Xbox 360 and comes with a 250 GB hard disk which is twice what the basic Xbox 360 offered. It was also reported that Xbox Kinect will be shipping immediately to your local stores.

Infact all the attendees of the E3 today were given a free Xbox Kinect! It will be interesting to see how Sony and Wii would reach to a brand new product for the price of the old one.

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