Want to make your girl friend happy? Not diamonds, not gold, its Broadband that will make her the happiest!woman-internet According to a new study from a UK-based BCS, a chartered institute for IT, made a case that IT actually makes people happier especially Woman!

The research was conducted on 35,000 people from all around the world found a majority of woman wanting speedy access to internet and have put that as one of the things that makes them happier. No wonder with all the facebook, orkut and myspace gossip running around.

The research also indicated that access to technology induced a “sense of freedom” and control over life for a majority of people even with low incomes that may limit their usage of technology.

It also found that the profound effect of technology and IT on women was far more than to that of men.

One possible reason as we pointed out earlier is the role of social networking sites. It was found that a majority of woman immediately connected to their social networking sites when given access to broadband internet.

This was seen in higher ratios in the developing parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East which have socially controlled societies letting woman feel the sense of freedom with the broadband internet.

You can read the published research here.

As we look back at this article this does seem true to a great extent. My lady love, Miss. EV, is herself pretty engrossed in her fairy tale land of orkut, facebook and myspace not to forget the gossip that goes in circles around hollywood and American idol!

Well it is clear we don’t need an iPad or a xbox 360 with its over priced Project Natal to be happy, just a cell phone and basic internet is all we need 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Funny! Broadband internet makes Woman Happy?”
  1. Yeah … that is true! I am a wreck without my internet  and I also see this phenomenon in my mothers generation. Allthough she is not that savy with computers. She uses the internet daily and she finds out how things work easily.

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