We had reported last week about a lawsuit affecting the bittorrent users who downloaded The Hurt Locker. Looks likefarcry finally for once a gaint ISP is standing up trying to delay or protect the massive lawsuit that the US Copyright Group has brought on some 2,000 odd internet users who had illegally downloaded the movie ‘Far cry” using bittorrent.

Yesterday, ISP giant Time Warner Cable reported to a federal court that the massive lawsuit suing 2,094 internet users who downloaded the movie was out of control and that it did not have any near capacity to be able to meet the 1 month dead line set in the subpeona.

The cable company wrote that third-party issues of these kind are usually in single digit or two digit numbers and not to such large scale while the US copyright group wants information identifying about 809 Internet Protocol address from Time warner cable.

The company said that it does not have enough employees to respond to the request in the time set. The company claimed that it recieves at about 567 IP lookup requests which are mostly for law enforcement. These requests hold immediate priority over the copyright case and the company has only 4 full time and one temp worker for this job. The company also reported that it costs $45 to look up one account for information and that it was too expensive.

With all the above reasons Time warner cable has asked the court to quash the subpoenas. Well this surely is a reprive to all those who had downloaded the movie and later regretted for spending the time and the energy for downloading such a bad movie.

Seriously I feel bad for those 2000 odd folks who had to go through an hour and a half of nothing but “one big blunder”

This move by timewarner to protect its customers surely will attract it good fame and hopefully more business.

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