sony-playstation-phoneA recent industry wide survey revealed that dedicated gaming devices are loosing the battle to smart phones. The research was discussed at the Game Developers Conference. The number of DS’s and PSPs sold were at a all time low as many gamers were choosing to spend their dollars on smart phones or tablets.

Although dedicated gaming devices offer slightly better graphics and performance, smart phones are catching up fast with dual core processors and embedded graphic processors. Gamers also want to be able to get more for their money. Austin an avid gamer said that he would like to be able to play games while also be able to surf the net and also be able to make phone calls all for the same amount that he spends on a dedicated gaming device.

Will this mean the end of dedicated gaming devices such as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Sony has already made a move into the PlayStation smart phone. Nintendo is trying to keep the market with its Nintendo 3D DS. But how long will these be around?

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