grindr-appYes, there’s an app for that! Imagine an iPhone app that uses GPS to track people who are gay and help them meet one another!

The app called the “Grindr” uses iPhone’s GPS and creates a list of other gay men in your community and surroundings! Not just that, gets even better, it even provides statistics such as height, weight, ethnicity, age and even a photo. You can even instant chat. 

The app was developed by developer Joel Simkhai who said Grindr was an immediate hit in his interview to the New Zealand Herald. He siad, “Grindr makes it easier to find who are gay in your immediate vicinity and makes it easier for gay people to select their partner or just get together”.

Simkhai also mentioned that a similar version for lesbians will be out by the end of the year. Simkhai also said that that the app has been downloaded hundrends of times and said that this popularity is actually letting him add new features like video chat in the next versions.

The Grindr app is also compatible to work with BlackBerry devices and has an accuracy rating of about 2 miles. The app is free while Grindr X(tra) costs about $2.99

You can learn more by visiting here.

You may download the free version here and the paid version here.

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