Steve-Jobs-IPhone4How do we define morality?

Apptrckr, the maker of the app for jailbroken phones said that over four million iPhone users are using his app to download pirated copies of other apps from the App store. The developer of the apps for these jailbroken phones said that in an interview with AppAdvice and said that many users were not happy about the limits placed by Apple on their iPhones and the huge numbers is a clear indication that people are willing to switch.

Apptrckr did say that their program only lets people trial other apps and not illegally download and keep them as speculated. Apptrckr believes that by letting users download an application in this manner and if they really like it they can purchase it even if they already have the full version.

Steve Jobs has always claimed that it was “immoral” for users to jailbreak their iPhones and that it would violate the terms of the phone. However from the reports from Apptrckr it is clear that more and more people are bending towards jailbreaking their phones especially when the entire process of jailbreaking the phone is more simpler than ever.

Jobs had always fought off critics who claimed that Apple had unnecessary control and too many restrictions on the iphone. Jobs has said that these restrictions were necessary to maintain consistency and improve end user experience and it was impossible for Apple to be able to maintain high standards if such restrictions were not applied.

So are the 4+ million people immoral? What about the flawed antenna design of the iPhone 4? What about the slowed down iPhone 3G’s after the iOS 4 update?

If you wish to jailbreak your iphone 4, you can do so by reading this article.

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One thought on “Jail Breaking iPhones “immoral” – Steve Jobs”
  1. maybe if steve could just open up the ipod to more, and things like modding and whatnot, the ipod could actually take off. the ONLY reason i got my ipod was because i could jailbreak it. also, he needs to lower the price of apps in the app store. 13 dollars for an app which lasts you 5 hours is COMPLETELY unreasonable. steve jobs: stop being such an overly controlling tyrant

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