parvus_zypadTechnology is surely amazing, we all droll on it and like to possess it. However there are some gadgets that might cost you an “arm and a leg” but are they really something that you are willing to spend? Watches are one of those that fall into this category, sure who doesn’t like to flash a nice watch but are these technology master pieces something you would go for?

Check them out and decide for yourself!

1. Sleeptracker Elite


This watch is a perfect alarm alternative, for folks who hate to wake up hearing the alarm! The Sleeptracker Elite sleep monitoring watch keeps track of your sleep cycle and triggers the vibrating alarm when the sleep cycle is completed at an optimal time. It simply gets to know you! Make this yours for about $179.99

2. Parvus Zypad WL1100


This is not just a watch but a full blown PC! The Zypad WL1100 is a PC that fits your wrist. The wrist PC has a 3.5″ touchscreen and runs on Windows CE 6.0 or Linux based on Kernel 2.6 and it also has an in built GPS. You can just about anything that the Windows CE would do including checking your time.

3. Oregon Scientific Meteo

This is your very own weather man. The Oregon Scientific’s Meteo Weather Forecast Watch can display the weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours and can also give accurate predictions and humidity levels. You can own this for about $59.99

4. Devon Works Tread 1


This is my personal favorite. The Devon Thread 1 boasts of an unconventional look and is an engineering marvel. Powered by a four microstep motor which drives the movement which is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer cell. The watch simply is robust and amazing to see.

5. Seiko ‘Future Now’ EPD watch


Did you know that Seiko first unveiled the world’s first electronic ink watch in 2005. This was followed by the release of Active Matrix EPD watch in 2010. The watch features a very low power consumption and high visibility even in bright sunlight. It is interesting to note that the Electrophoretic Display (EPD) has 80,000 pixels with the ability to display four shades of grey.

6. LG GD910 3G Watch Phone


Hate your phone for being too big, bulky? This is your answer. The LG GD910 3G watch phone can make and receive calls, play music, click pictures, work as a diary and scheduler – all this while also being able to tell time. It also is a 3G phone which makes it much more appealing. This bad boy costs about $1,300.00

7. Timex Expedition WS4


The Timex Expedition WS4 is an interesting one. This watch comes packed with an altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer – all nicely displayed on its large screen. This watch costs about $129.99

8. Polar FT60


This is the perfect workout buddy. The Polar FT60 creates a training program and sets your targets. It measures your vitals and also gives you feedback. You can have this one for about $199.99

9. Garmin Forerunner 405CX


This watch has a lot under its belt. It comes with a GPS built and can track your distance, speed, calorie consumption and your heart rate. Not just that but it can also wirelessly send the data to your PC for a more detailed analysis. The watch also supports data sharing with another Garmin Forerunner watch letting you compete or compare. Make this yours for about $324.99

10. The Nike + iPod Watch Remote


Looks more like a 23rd century watch. This watch from Nike has the ability to control your ipod and along with that keeps a track of your time, distance, calories burned and speed. It interrupts the music to give you voice feedback on your performance. You can buy this for $69 at the Nike store.

So ask yourself, would I buy any of these?

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