Google has acquired Episodic, an online video hosting platform for an undisclosed price. The Episodic’s platformEpisodic will be moved to Youtube. Its employees will work for youtube and would move to Google.

“We are thrilled to announce that Episodic has been acquired by Google. The entire Episodic team is extremely excited about this new partnership and what it means for our customers and the evolution of online video.”, said Episodic’s blog.

Episodic is all about what Google does, but on a video based platform. Inserting ads in recorded or live content while streaming, including contextual based ads to monetize on every user is basically what the company is about. With Google acquiring Episodic, it is clear that Google intends to cash in from the millions of users who access Youtube on a daily basis.

Youtube already hosts some ads such as banner ads in the video which are clickable and also standard in-stream video ads. With Episodic it will only get more aggressive in doing this. The analytical tools to track users and revenue and ad placement that Episodic has to offer will add great value to Youtube.

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