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3d books3D is the new buzz word! A firm in South Korea is working on a 3-D technology that will let you read 3-D ebooks.

South Korean scientists have worked on and perfected a 3D technology for books that would make the characters jump right up.

With the sale of 3D Tvs to begin in April, the computer gaming industry is gearing up to grab as many 3D gamers as they can with a firmware update for PS3 promised soon that will enable 3D games on your new TV.

South Korea’s Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology has used new 3D technology to animate two children’s books of Korean folk tales where moutains and heros spring into action and the pictures in the book render 3D animation, all this with readers having to wear 3D glasses.

But it will be some time before you can head out to Bestbuy or Walmart to buy one for your own kid. For now you will have to do with a 3D tv or a 3D tv with a updated PS3.

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