Rumors are running around that say that Google is planning to compete Facebook head on. It is being said thatgoogle_games Google is planning to launch a social gaming service to compete with Facebook. Wall Street Journal reported that Google was in talks with a number of online game makers.

According to the newspaper Google is currently talking to many companies that include Playdom, Electronic Arts’ Playfish, and Zynga – which is the maker of Farmville. It was also said that Google had invested $100 million in Zynga as part of a partnership deal for Google’s upcoming gaming service. No timeline on when this service will be launched so we will have to wait some time before we see some results.

Google wants to compete with Facebook but by building a gaming community instead and to grow from there. Google realizes that it will be not just hard but close to impossible to get Facebook users migrate to Google’s online social network. There are rumors that Google’s social network will also tie in Android which would allow the growing number of smartphones to access the gaming network.

More as we hear about it. You can read the original article here.

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