Another reason to buy a 3D TV? Panasonic today introduced its 3D camcorder for the consumer market! Now you can film those birthdays, baby’s first walk and weddings, all in 3-D.

The camcorder HDC-SDT750 has the ability to shoot 3-D video without any need for post processing of the video. The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 is fitted with a lens that provides a 12-fold optical magnification for amplified light. To record a three-dimensional video an additional lens VW-CLT1 is needed which comes with the package. The camera supports 5.1-channel audio and video capture in a format 1080/60p or 1080/60i.

In order to shoot 3D video a user must install the 3D conversion lens which comes with the bundle and then record two distinct images, one for the left eye and another in the right eye. This side by side technology that is used here and the resolution of each image will be 960×1080 pixels.

The camera is equipped with a 3MOS 7.59 Mega pixels by Panasonic which provides for an optimal image quality with a wide palette of colors. The sensor is supported by a lens Leica Dicomar F1, 5 and Crystal Engine Pro. The camera also has a focus microphone to capture all the ambient sounds. 

The 3D videos will of course be viewed on a compatible 3D TV with an HDMI connection. Other highlights include a touch screen 3” navigation screen, a light sensor to adjust screen brightness and an Eco mode that records three sounds before the launch of a record for not losing the first moments of a video.

The whole camcorder (HDC-SDT750) and lens setup starts at about $ 2,000 which makes it affordable than a professional 3-D camera. The 3-D camcorders go on sale in Japan August 20 and will be available in other markets later this year.

The 3-D camcorder is expected to boost the 3-D product sales to increase. Manufacturers have been fighting hard to bring in the 3D technology but have been unsuccessful due to lack of choice and vareity in 3D offerings.

And yes you will still have to wear 3D glasses to watch your kid in 3D!

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