Youtube-filmsGoogle TV might be closer than we think! It is being widely reported that Google is in talks with Hollywood studios to launch its pay-per-view streaming movie service via YouTube by the end of the year. Google is said to be in talks with the studios for many months now and is now pushing forward for a deal over streaming of content over YouTube. This report comes to us when Apple is expected to announce news about Apple TV later this week.

YouTube had started to offer movies and TV shows recently. It started off with about 400 movies to begin with which stream at no cost at all. Google wants to expand this service in order to stream movies rather than letting users download them. No info is given on how much Google might set the price for each movie, however speculation is that newer movies might cost as much as $5.

One analyst said with Google, Apple, Netflix have launched an all out assault on cable TV. Cable now has to either find better ways or cheaper prices to compete with this growing trend of On-Demand TV over the Internet. You can visit YouTube movies here.

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