Japan-high-tech-toilet-totoJapanese are always about innovation. How about a high-tech restroom which will do an instant health check everytime you use it? Thats what the Japanese scientists have come up with – a high-tech loo that provides its users with an instant health check! The loo actually analyses your urine, temperature, blood pressure and weight everytime you use the toilet.

The results are displayed in a few seconds once the analysis is done. The smart toilet also produces a “wellbeing” report which is displayed on a wall mounted screen. The system is seriously high-tech letting users download this data or transfer it to their computers. It can also be directly send to their doctor for further analysis.

The high-tech restroom is built by Toto which is well known for high-tech restrooms. Called the Intelligence Toilet is its latest offering to the consumer market in Japan. The toilet system retails for 500,000 yen, which is about $7,500.

Toto makes other products that include posterior shower jets, hot-air dryers, perfume bursts, heated seats and noise-masking audio effects for.. you know what! 🙂


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