googletvGoogle today launched its new website for Google TV showing us some features that Google TV would offer. Some of the features that the site shows seem like Google TV will be a blast for consumers wanting a more feature rich television experience.

At first look, Google TVs interface has a sleak look and feel that rivals the Apple iOS. This new feel is an improvement in the upcoming Android 3.0 update which Google promises will be better than the Apple interface. Google TV promises to seamlessly integrate your internet with your TV making it easier to search for any show or have apps right on your TV.

Google TV also allows you to browse the net and watch TV at the same time. Dozens of apps such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix will be available right on your TV. There is a developers section where Google is encouraging developers to create thousands of apps for Google TV. 

Google TV will also offer the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote control. Not much details are available regarding this feature. Google TV is also loaded with voice recognition software that can allow you switch channels by voice control.

Google says that Google TV is easy to setup with your current TV, cable and internet and will be available as a full smart TV or a box that can be hooked to your current TV. If Google TV is introduced, it might spell death for Roku and other products. Google TV will be your one stop shop.

More as we know about it. You can check out the new Google TV site here.

No launch dates were mentioned.

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One thought on “Google TV website is Up!”
  1. Hey, Hello Google…great stuff dudes! Google TV is really grooovy. Who is this Google anyway? Sounds like an innovative name, it even register’s up here in our Canada. Google your way to the top with Google TV. Be your own company and keep it simple, sorta like a family.

    OK enough…i know! Seriously Google, congratulations and good luck with your Google TV. May it contribute as much wonderment, spirit, freedom, personal power and hope as your Flagship GOOGLE has done for most of our human race.

    So, on a concluding note, just have to say “thank you for your great contributions to yesterday, today and especially to all of our tomorrow’s. Without a Google, science technology, engineering & math (STEM), life would not even come close to the freedom, hope and inspiration that we all know and enjoy today because of you Google.

    Very Sincerely,
    Gordon King Welke
    Leona Sackaney Sweet

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