Okay this is weird even for a Thursday! Captive Media, a media and gaming company has figured out the best way to avoid glancing while peeing as if that mattered. They came up with a hands free video game that “pee-ers” can play while peeing. Captive Media’s hands-free video game was first shown off at the Exhibit Bar in South London. It’s a 12-inch LCD screen with integrated sensors mounted on top of a urinal. When not in use, the screens display ads until someone walks up and unzips. Once he does, the urinal switches to game mode. Users by steering and adjusting their flow.

When they are done, the screen shows your score and compares it to other players. The game can also send the scores online and can also post them on Facebook and Twitter. This is weird and freaky actually. And this is not just for men, Creative Media is designing a game for girls as well. However that game will be during long waits in a lines at the mall rather than in the rest room. The company plans to announce where the urinals will be sold in 2012.

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