beerWhen was the last time you hear that being an alcoholic was actually good for you? Well a new report in a respected medical journal claims that abstaining from alcohol would increase your chances of death sooner than some really heavy drinkers.

The journal called “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research” suggested that people who don’t drink are low on cash because alcohol is expensive which will let them suffer more stress because of that. The study was reported in the Time Magazine which was recorded following about 1,824 people over a 20 year period and concluded that death rates were the highest for abstainers in those two decades while heavy drinkers were next highest followed by moderate social drinkers.

It is clear, heavy drinkers find drinking a way to relieve stress and agony while abstainers will have to endure the same. About 69 percent of abstainers died while only 60 percent of heavy drinkers died. Only 41 percent of moderate drinkers died making them the least of the group.

The study had a majority of men and the study suggested that abstainers don’t tend to have much fun as the heavy drinkers do which tends to make them depressed.

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