So you are sound asleep while but what is your neighbor up to? What if he is building a nuclear Fusion reactor in hismark_suppes basement? Well thats whats going on in New York where a day time programmer for Gucci is a night time self-made scientist working on a home made nuclear reactor.

Mark Suppes  said to BBC in an interview that he was inspired because he believed that he was looking for a technology that could actually work to solve our energy problems.

Suppes claims that he has developed a working fusion reactor that combines atoms to create energy and guess what, its very much legal to do so!

In the scientific work and beyond, nuclear fusion is seen as the holy grail of energy where atoms are fused together to release lots of energy. It is clean and cheap power and doesn’t rely on radioactive material.

The construction was expensive. Suppes began working on the reactor two years ago and bought parts work $35,000 that he got on ebay. He even had investors who pitched in money using which he bought more parts for his reactor to make it more efficient.

Amatuer nuclear scientists have been active for some time. They even have a website called, an open-source research consortium where people gather to share experiences and swap techniques. Suppes is trying to build a Bussard Polywell fusion reactor named after Robert W. Bussard, a physicist from Los Alamos.

Well I am not sure if I am comfortable with the idea of having a nuclear fusion reactor running in my basement that powers my house. I guess it might be just like those days when cars were running on gasoline, at first we were not sure because of the explosive nature of gasoline but now we seldom care!

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