Sooner or later, its all going to cost nothing. The openess of Google’s Android platform is helping companies work onallgosystems new innovations. One such was from AllGo Systems that has developed an ultra cheap computer based on the Android platform and the components of this computer cost just $15 without a battery and a screen.

Sure you must be puzzled about the screen so lets just add one to it. A 7 inch WVGA resistive touchscreen display and a battery will raise the cost to about $35 which is still cheap!

The system is powered with a Freescale i.MX233 chipset and an ARM9 Soc with Android that has been custom built for this device. The processor runs at a low power of about 450MHz  and the device also has a WiFi module.

This can be the poor man’s touch screen tablet and might aswell replace the $100 computer initiative.

You can visit AllGo systems here.

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