stceedoWant to be able to have access to your own desktop and files from any computer? Wished that you can carry all your files, folders and data in your pocket and be able to bring them up on the fly? Thanks to the partnering of Super Talent’s Express RAM Cache Drive and Ceedo’s virtual Windows desktop this can now be done. All you do is plug the drive into a windows pc and launch the application. All user settings and files are then saved to the flash drive and no trace left on the machine used.

Super Talent uses some advanced programming that lets it see be compatible with USB 3.0 letting users access to some high speed data transfers. Its Express RAM cache drive solutions feature a 32MB DRAM cache.

Ceedo works with Windows XP through 7 and allows users to carry all their most frequently used programs on the drive and then run them on any Windows machine. Programs can be loaded into the Ceedo environment in User Mode without having to worry about pesky Admin rights.

After plugging the drive into a PC, you need to start the Ceedo app. A taskbar appears that shows icons for all the available programs. When you’re finished surfing, creating documents, editing images or playing games, closing the app down saves all of the user created files – such as browser cookies, documents or temporary files – onto the drive and the best part is, it leaves no trace on the host machine. The PC is then returned to the same state it was in before you arrived.

This is ideal for anyone who shares a computer but wants to keep everything in their own private space, for university computers which are accessed by many students and even business users will be able to use hotel or conference center.

The Ceedo option will add US$20 to the cost of Super Talent’s USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache drives which are priced at 16GB for US$79, 32GB at US$139 and the 64GB version US$229.

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