HP today announced the release of its revamped range of its notebooks. The new line of notebooks include the one inch ProBook 5330m which is aimed at the business user. This model has a 13.3 inch screen and is powered by either a i5 or an i3 dual core processor.

HP also came out with a couple of light weight Elite Books that will be hitting the shelves soon. The notebooks include the 2569p which has an optical drive and a 12.5 inch screen. The laptop boasts of high end features such as Sandy Bridge i7 or an i5 processor.

The 2760p aims also has the “pen use or finger touch” feature along with fast solid state drives for a longer battery time. A Pavilion dv4 is also being released with the main added features appearing to be a new interface for the CoolSense cooling technology to avoid scorched laps.

HP also announced that it will start the prepay 3G mobile broadband service in select cities here in the US. The prices start at $5 for 75 MB for a duration of five hours. Prices are for the ProBook 5330m are expected to start at $799 and for the EliteBook 2760p at $1,499 with both expected to be released on May 23 in the US.The EliteBook 2560p is expected to start at $1,099 and will be released on May 9 in the States while the dv4 will begin at $599 and will be available in the US on May 18.

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