We had reported earlier about rumors about Hulu’s paid subscription service called the Hulu plus. Looks like theyhulu-plus were all true. Hulu has finally announced its subscription service called “Hulu Plus”. Many had expected it to be an ad-free service as it has a fee attached to it however it will not be. It will still have ads but to a lesser extent.

Hulu Plus costs $9.99 per month which will let you watch streaming content on Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. It also has support for the iPad, iPhone 4 and the third generation iPod touch.

Hulu also reported that it was working on a Playstation 3 compatible software and support for the same will be out soon. On the other hand good news for Xbox 360 fans, Hulu Plus would be available on the Xbox 360.

Hulu Plus subscribers will get access to full seasons of some of their favorite shows. The website has a list of shows that will be available which also include all six seasons of The Office and all nine seasons of The X-Files and 118 other full seasons.

Ads will still be showcased on Hulu which is a turn off considering that it now is a paid service.

Hulu Plus is only open to a limited number of Hulu users though you can request an invitation on the teaser page.

You can visit the Hulu teaser page for an invite for Hulu Plus here.

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