z96-ibm-chipWho has the World’s fastest CPU’s? IBM, says IBM! IBM is claiming that their new 5.2GHz z196 processor are the world’s fastest processors. Although many have surpassed this speed by “over clocking” of the CPU, this CPU does not require over clocking and neither does it require extreme cooling.

The new processor was manufactured using IBM’s 45 nanometer technology and has about 1.4 billion transistors that are capable of handling more than 50 billion instructions per second – that’s a lot! The z196 processor is a four-core chip on a 512-square millimeter (mm) surface and is intended to go into mainframes. IBM will start shipping this power-house by September 10th. IBM says demand for more speed will always be huge business as applications increase in complexity.

In a press release IBM said that, “This world record-breaking speed is necessary for businesses managing huge workloads, such as banks and retailers, especially as the world becomes increasingly more inter-connected, data has grown beyond the world’s storage capacity, and business transactions continue to skyrocket.”

IBM says mobile banking is where the processor will find its early adopters. IBM expects mobile banking to grow from 55 million users to 895 million users by 2015. IBM said that it had invested more than $1.5 billion in designing and manufacturing z-line of processors also called zEnterprise technology.

Wonder how high end games would perform on such processing speeds!

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