Sakshat-35-dollar-india-android-tabletWill the price of a tablet make it a perfect iPad killer? We had reported earlier about India making news with a series of low cost Android tablets and it is being reported that the Indian government is all set to launch its $35 Android tablet, named Sakshat(meaning Reality), in January 2011! If launched as said, it will be the most “accessible” tablet in the market which will be a boost for Android sales.

India managed to surprise critics by building a tablet pc for a flat rate of $35. Infact the Indian government claims that if mass produced it can reduce the price further to $20! Even the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) scheme has only been able to make $200 worth laptops and is working on a $100 tablet.

India’s Union Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Mr Kapil Sibal unveiled the Android tablet in July this year. The Indian government has said that it teamed up with HCL Technologies, a leading Indian IT firm to mass produce the tablet pc and the date was set for its public release. They also said that the price will be at about $35 and lower.

Will the iPad feel the heat of the dirt cheap Android tablet from India? Analysts say it can be a certain possibility. “People who are unsure if they need a tablet in the first place can spend their money in buying the $35 Android tablet rather than buying the $500 iPad”, said one analyst. With the possibility of a $35 tablet it does make the masses wonder if they are being over charged for technology.

Sakshat, the $35 Android tablet will be presented in three different models with screen sizes of 5, 7 and 9 inches respectively. These tablets will have full WiFi, a USB port, and 2GB of onboard storage. The tablets support full Internet browsing along with the ability to play Youtube videos as well.

The Indian government says that over 8,500 colleges have already expressed interest in the tablet.

This is one tablet I am ready to pre-order in bulk!

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