optical-illusion-drivers-slow-downSpeed bumps are things of the past, its all upto technology to slow down those speeding cars. And thanks to technology British Columbia Automobile Association Traffic Safety Foundation is hoping to slow down lots of people by creating a optical illusion of a child hoping a ball. They are doing this by painting an image of a child playing with a ball on the road in a school zone. The image when painted in an elongated manner will appear three-dimensional at the right distance.

The image at a farther distance looks like a smudge but as the driver gets closer the form of a child comes into view. If the car were going faster, the image will appear more suddenly. Luckily there is a sign that was erected near by that read, “You’re probably not expecting kids to run into the road.”

The illusion is being put into trail tests in West Vancouver, Canada starting September 7. Over the time there could only be one problem that transportation department might have to deal with, fading paid of the optical illusion child.

By rjcool

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4 thoughts on “Drivers Slow Down to Optical Illusion of a Child”
  1. If a child suddenly appears in front of my moving car I think I would probably swerve to avoid it, most likely causing a real accident, and what happens when people get used to these things? “Don’t worry, it’s not a real kid, it’s just painted on the ground.” THUD! “Ooops!”

  2. some guy commented elsewhere “imagine if it was a black guy, a cop would empty a dozen rounds into it before noticing that it was only illusion” lol that was funny in a way

  3. @RJ: it seems that some of your cops a as stupid as ours! ;o)

    But I also think that was not the best idea. As Tim said – the people will get used to it and the effect will be contraproductive.

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