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google india mapThe Indian government is reported to be working on a new operating system that will protect it against cyber attacks and will be much more secure than any other operating system available in the market. The government’s very own Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was developing its futuristic secure operating system that it says cannot be hacked. reported that the project was started in September and a plan was being worked on. There are little details of what the new operating system might look like but DRDO Director General Mr. Saraswat said that the new operating system would be similar to the systems used today but will only be much more secure and robust to deter even the most complicated hacks. The operating system will not be given out to foreign elements and thus will be much more secure.

The new OS will be used to secure the defense systems and other research areas such as molecular computing and bio-molecular computing. Some private Indian companies were also reported to be involved in the project. Hopefully it won’t be based on Google’s Android 🙂

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