There are a ton of stuff out there and we don’t expect any one to know it all. Well if you did you would probably be out of money by now. In this article we write to you about 10 cool gadgets that are worth owning. Lets see if we will be able to convince you to get your wallet out.

1. Sony Alpha NEX-5


Sony’s very own 14-megapixel give you interchangeable lens of your choice. It has an APS-C sensor and taking stunning photos and a 1080i video recording . This will make a great add on for gear-heads! It costs approx $1000 and can be bought off sony’s website.

2. Philips Table Grill HD4419


This high temperature grill plate makes BBQ easy and clean! The plate heats up quickly and cooks meat complete with BBQ marks. Cleaning after is super easy. With no coal and fire needed, BBQ is down in minutes. You can own this for a nice $100.

3. Miha Bodytec


This is a true work out device that does not need you to sweat to loose fat. By using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which is a low frequency current stimulation, the Miha Bodytec stimulates the muscles which will end up toning them, or so the company claims. You can find out more here although I doubt if it will work!

4. LaCie Network Space MAX

LaCie -Network-Space-MAX

This attached network device can back up and mirror the data stored on your computer. It comes in 2TB or 4TB slabs. It can be attached the network and your data can be accessed anywhere from the network. You will have to shell out about $400 and upwards here in order to get it.]

5. Bowers & Wilkins P5


Never heard of this but apparently B&W has this set of headphones that are “stunning”. The company promises that these head phones offers rich, natural sound and comes with added noise insulation. They cost about $480 and can be bought off here.

6. Nike Free 5.0


Nike says just wearing these shoes are working out by itself! The Frees tone leg muscles and improve the body’s posture. Nike says these shoes help you run as “nature intended”. They go for an okay $130 at here.

7. Griffin A-Frame for iPad


It looks like everyone has an iPad these days. Well how about a nice piece that will make your iPad stand by itself? The Griffin A-Frame is made of aluminium and holds your Apple iPad in portrait or landscape. It can also be used to have your iPad for table-top surfing or gaming. A great add on for movies buffs. It costs about $100 from here.

8. Pioneer XW-NAS5 dock


Built for the iPod Touch, Pioneer’s XW-NAS5 offers excellent sound and all in such a small package. It has two 15W front speakers that provide rich sound and a 30W sub woofer. It also can take in composite and component video outputs. It costs about $700 and can be bought here.

9. Olympus PEN E-PL1


This is one camera that can give you SLR-grade results while being at the low end of the cost in the market. Its lens can be replaceable so it is “future-proof”. It has great picture quality even in low light. Its compact size makes it quite handy to carry about. It costs about $500 and can be found here.

10. Dunhill Sentryman Explorer


This is only for the filthy rich who often climb the Mount Everest before signing a contract! The Dunhill Sentryman is designed to flow even when the temperatures drop below freezing. It has a luminous tip which can help light fires and can be switched between a fountain pen nib to a ball point. It is limited edition and only 150 were ever made. It costs $6000 and can be found here.

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