intel calpellaToday we have some news about some interesting Intel Ultrabook specs! Intel is keen on keeping the prices of Ultrabooks very competitive and has two sets of specs – Huron River, based on Sandy Bridge 17W and one based on Chief Riber and Ivy Bridge at 17W. For Huron, Intel is suggesting a thinness of between 18 and 21 millimetres for 14 inch systems, with a recommended eight hours battery line.

Chief Riber has similer specs but is recommending an awake time of less than seven seconds, wi-fi, a new feature called programmable pull updating, and also include USB 3.0. Chief Riber will also include touch, accelerometers, proximity stuff, and GPS. Intel is recommending prismatic batteries, low panel power, and type four motherboards, as well as SSDs rather than them spinning things.

An SV system will come to between $390 and $420, using plastic skins; a 17W 21-millimetre version will have a price tag of between $480 and $640; while an 18 millimetre nptebook with 24GB cache and an SSD can cost between as little as $500 or as much as $720.


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