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iPad was supposed to be out on April 24th for world but as Apple quotes it, “due to surprisingly strong US demand”,ipad sales the launch is to be delayed until May. 

This is definitely bad news for the fans around the world who were eagerly waiting its release following the news coverage and the different user experiences shared by the people who own one.

The international customers would have to wait until May 10th to place orders for consequent delivery. International prices were not announced but it is speculated that they will match the Apple pricing here in America.

Apple released a statement this morning according to which it has sold over 500,000 iPads to date and demand continues to overcome the supply. 

The company also claims that it has recieved over whelming preorders for the 3G iPad model which is to ship in the US on April 24th.

This might just give other companies their chance to grab a piece of the tablet/slate market. While HP and other companies are building alternatives, Apple’s delay might be a little costly for it.

However Apple’s strong marketting team is at work to further hype-up the iPad to keep the international customers on their toes.

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