Looks like one of the very first iPad alternatives that we can hope will compete apples to apples will be out nextdell-mini-5-580x367 month. Talking at the Citrix Synergy conference, Dell CEO Michael Dell revealed that the Dell Streak will be available next month and will be available by O2 Telefonica in Europe.

AT&T will also be launching it later in the summer. Surely exciting news to all those folks who are desperatly waiting for a android based device. Although the streak is not as big as the iPad, it surely packs enough power to compare to it. 

The Dell Streak  is all cool. It sports of a 5–inch display and a front-facing VGA camera, and also a 5–megapixel camera at the back to make video conferences and picture snapping easy! Driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz process and a capacitive touchscreen, the Streak is both WiFi and 3G capable.

Dell has never done a touch screen tablet before and this device is bigger than an iPod and smaller than a Kindle and the market for such devices is still unknown.

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