First the video cassette player, then the cd player, then the DVD followed by Blu ray player and now the 3D Blu rayitgrunts-lg-bx580-blu-ray player? I am starting to like this already!

LG’s first network based Blu-ray player has shown up on Amazon which is accepting pre-orders for the same. The LG BX580 is set to ship in 2 months, which seems quite long but pre-orders are being accepted by Amazon.

Accepting pre-orders 2 months ahead of time makes it clear that LG is anticipating huge demand and aims at satisfying the curious and thirsty market.

 The features of this new beast are mind boggling. The LG BX580 features HDMI 1.4, DLNA, 3D, 1080p, and  also Internet connectivity. The player also includes access to NetCast Entertainment allowing you to take advantage of the web-based entertainment.

The price the LG BX580 is set for is a high $399.99 which sure seems a little high considering the 2 month wait for the blu ray player to be shipped. Although the product does have high hopes the wait seems a little longer and with the pace at which technology is moving, there is a strong chance of a cheaper alternative that might be out in a couple of weeks.

Its a wait and watch game!

You can pre-order one here.

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