rim-blackpadThere are hoards of iPad killers in the market but somehow the market seems to respond with enthusiasm over the rumored release of the Blackpad by RIM – the makers of Blackberry. Earlier this summer, the Wall Street Journal reported that there were company plans to build an iPad-like touchscreen device. Called the “Blackpad” it is said to run the yet-to-be released BlackBerry OS 6.

Some other sources say that the device will do Blackberry e-mail and will also have front and rear cameras for video conferencing and image capture, as well as the ability to pair with a BlackBerry phone over Bluetooth to share its 3G connection which is something iPhones were restrictive.

BlackBerry/RIM is well aware that it is about to dive into a market that is already dominated with the Apple’s iPad and soon to come Windows 7 and many more Android based products. RIM will really have to demonstrate that its Blackpad is eons better than the iPad in just about every way for someone to switch to it.

No dates were given however the Blackpad is expected to be launched in November and is to follow the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9800. It will run the BlackBerry OS 6.

I like the idea of being able to share the 3G from my phone to the Blackpad. Now I don’t have to buy a seperate 3G Blackpad!

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2 thoughts on “iPad Killer? RIM to Release “Blackpad” this Fall!”
  1. The device will have roughly the same dimensions as the iPad. This is the main similarity between two. I don’t think that it would be an ipad killer as apple lovers use ipad and BB lovers use blackpad.

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