verizon-iphone-itgruntsIt is being rumored that Verizon is testing the 4G iPhone and would launch the 4G iPhone as its premiere offering. This came to light after the recent approval of the 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE) phone for sale in the US by the Federal Communications Commision. Verizon is said to be already testing multiple LTE phones in its LTE network which also include a 4G iPhone.

The Samsung SCH-R900 however will be the first LTE phone in the market which is being launched by MetroPCS. The launch is set to be this summer but no dates were given.

Verizon is testing its LTE network in Boston and Seattle and expects 30 more markets under its belt by the end of the year. Verizon is also planning to make LTE laptop data cards which makes us think that the next version of the iPad too will be 4G compatible.

It is also being rumored that the 4G iPhone offering from Verizon will depend on how fast its 4G network expands. The announcement is speculated to come this September when Apple usually introduces new iPods.

Looks like Sprint’s days of 4G fame are over!

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2 thoughts on “New 4G iPhone coming soon!”
  1. this phone i thought was good,
    but its horrible. you fu***** bitch i hate this phone. who ever made it needs to return it….(:

  2. Amber,
    Now don’t sweer over some website you proly have no idea what its about.
    first of all, that phone works perfect for me, I infact have the iphone,
    so don’t be rood. Its great(:

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