Looks like another lawsuit for Apple! Today three iPad users claimed Apple’s tablet slate, the iPad failed to meet itsapple-lawsuit promises as an e-book reader. The group has filed a federal class-action lawsuit in Northern California district against Apple and the iPad. The group claims that because the iPad shuts itself off after remaining in direct sunlight for long it fails to meet the “e-book reader” category that Apple sold it under.

Apple’s products including the iPhone and the iPod shut themsevles off when a critical operating temperature is reached to allow the device to cool down. Direct sunlight produces overheating and the iPad turns itself off until it cools. The lawsuit alleges that the iPad “does not live up to reasonable consumer’s expectations created by Apple as the iPad overheats quickly under common weather conditions.” While apple lists the iPad’s operating temperature as 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) which makes it clear that the device is bound to overheat quickly if exposed to direct sunlight.

The lawsuit is on Apple’s use of the line – “reading on the iPad is just like reading a book”, which is false as a book could be read in sunlight without shutting off.

The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status and asking for an injunction against Apple’s “false” promises. Is it fair for them to sue Apple? Amazon Kindle did advertise that it could be read in direct sunlight, indicating that it can be used in the sun.

We will update you as we know more.

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2 thoughts on “iPad lawsuit? Class Action Lawsuit against iPad filed!”
  1. what is wrong with people? “reading on the iPad is just like reading a book” is a PR line. Yes, the thing shuts off when it overheats. It also shuts off when the battery dies. That’s not like a book.
    You know what else is not like a book? Being able to carry around the iBook store, the Amazon Kindle store, the B&N store, and every public domain book in the world in a 1-1/2 pound device.

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