Apple today has its latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S available for pre-orders! You can preorder iPhone 4S now and choose from the three storage variants, tThe 16GB iPhone 4S is priced at $199, the 32GB iPhone 4S is priced at $199 and the new 64GB iPhone 4S is priced at $399. This is a change from Apple’s typical two storage offerings of the iPhone, now Apple sees due to increased data storage, and with a higher megapixel camera, the third option has been added.

Apple iPhone 4S has a faster A5 dual-core processor that delivers 2x better performace and 7x better graphics than iPhone 4. It also sports improved optics with an 8 megapixel camera that supports 1080p video recording. Another new and interesting feature is the Siri Voice Assistant which lets you talk to your iPhone. Siri allows you to control your iPhone with your voice. The device has the same 3.5” retina display, Wi-Fi but Bluetooth 4.0 and global connectivity capabilities.

Apple says that the phones should start shipping from 12th of this month, and will come with iOS 5 loaded out-of-the box.

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