april_fool_itgruntsIts April 1st, yes and unlike all others no we won’t try to fool you, promise but I bring to you some of the funny stuff around the net.

1. AROMATOGRAPHY- A sensory experience – Kodak

Looks like the april fool’s team at Kodak did get the best of me. Today they released their new technology or so they call it, called Aromatography, pictures when enhanced carry the smell of the picture that is taken. Quite impressive but is it real, lets have a look.

This is possible, as the company claims, thanks to recent breakthroughs in Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging. Did you fall over your chair? Have a look


I am sure you stuck your face to the screen to smell the flowers, just like I did. I was actually worried a ghost scream might appear and scare me but nothing of that sort!

Here are some more to tickle your senses.

The company claims that “imaging algorithms create an array of pixels, undetected by the conscious mind, that trigger reactions in the synapses along optic neural processing pathways within the brain to create, the olfactory equivalent of a optical illusion. The nose does not actually detect anything, but the mind experiences the aromas as if they were real. Interestingly, our tests have found that humans have an innate need to ‘sniff’ when experiencing Aromatized images even when fully aware that nothing is actually there for their nose to detect.”, seriously?

They have a doc on board who looks like he could use a shrink!


I think Kodak did a good job, trying to Aromatize its pictures.

Read more here.

2. WestJet introduces Clapper technology on board its fleet

WestJet, a Canadian airline, today introduced a new technology where you can now turn the lights and seatback television aboard the aircraft by clapping. Calling it the Clapper technology this new feature promises the comforts of the flight, all just a clap away!


WestJet claims that the clapper technology was an inspiration from the 1980’s television show and have made a transmitter that makes this possible. Guests have to wear the device while seated and can clap to activate lights above their heads, clap twice to change channel on their seat-tv sets and clap thrice for an attendant. Transmitter sell for as low as $19.99.

You can get your own transmitter at www.westjet.com/clapper.

I bet its going to be one too many claps for the attendant! A sweet deal is you get 10% off for booking a flight on westjet.com, hey not bad, and no thats not part of the april fool’s joke!

3. Google renamed to ‘TOPEKA’

Google today renamed itself to “Topeka”, a small city in Kansas. On March 1st, 2010, the mayor to Topeka renamed the city to Google to support the cause to bring the google’s fibre experiment to Topeka.


Google returned the favor by renaming themselves to Topeka. Its 2 ducks in a row, fooling us and also doing something for a cause! The city of Topeka is probably getting lots of hits, their website is terribly slow!

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