freeupload_googledocs_itgruntsGoogle today announced that you will have the capacity to upload anything including real stuff such as keys, books, laptops and anything that is real in its google docs cloud!

Google says that users can upload and download objects from across the planet and at a low price of $0.10 per kg. The first 1000 users to sign up also get a metric ton of storage free.

“Ever wish you could CTRL+F your keys? Store your keys and other objects you commonly lose with Google and you’ll never have to worry about finding them again.”, says the site.

Once you proceed to sign up, you need to fill in a form with some options such as how often you would store and what common objects you would store. Common objects include a piano, keys, bed, neighbors dog, frozen food, computers etc.

Once done you are flashed with this message, “Ha, we got you! If only storing everything was that easy.”

You also have an option to create a custom form to fool your friends. Get to the site by clicking here.

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