iPhone 5 rumors are exploding in the market and today we have a picture of the iPhone 5! Now its up to you to decide if this seems like a genuine iPhone 5 or is it just another hoax? The high-resolution photo surfaced and it looks like these images could be representative of the real thing.

The claim is that the photo above is a Chinese clone of the upcoming iPhone 5, these pictures could well be a fake clone from one of those notorious Chinese companies. It looks like the clone of the iPhone 5 is a hybrid of the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. It keeps some of its flat surfaces, but adds some curves to the sides.

Word is that this clone is 7mm thick. It’s possible that the actual model will be thicker, given a difference in innards, but what if the iPhone 5 is even thinner than the current model? At some point, you’d think that battery size and life will have to be sacrificed along with the awkward feeling of holding an incredibly thin smartphone.


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