kindle_3Today Amazon released a press note which said that Amazon’s smartest and the lightest kindle ebook reader till date is the best selling product at Amazon. Sales of Kindle 3 have surpassed Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows book sales at amazon. This is the only product in Amazon’s history ever to achieve such a feat in just five months of its launch. Kindle 3 comes with a improved design and contrast rations. It has twice as much storage space and can store about 3,500 E-books!

It weights roughly about 8.7 ounces and also comes with an enhanced PDF reader. Kindle 3 also lets you sync with other kindle-compatible devices and share books! Its screen size measures a 6-inch e-link display, a QWERTY keypad and a 5-way navigation controls. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, web browser, high contrast e-ink display, comes with support for marking annotations, sharing passages and excerpts over facebook and twitter. Did you know it also has Wikipedia access, built-in dictionary, and a battery life of about 1-month with wireless off. That’s simply amazing how well the Kindle manages its battery!
Other products at Amazon that had good sales but right behind Kindle 3 included the Apple iPod Touch 8GB, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Manga Studio Debut 4, and DVD movies like Inception, The Blind Side and Toy Story 3 among others.

Amazon said-

Customers report using their LCD tablets for games, movies, and web browsing and their Kindles for reading sessions. They report preferring Kindle for reading because it weighs less, eliminates battery anxiety with its month-long battery life, and has the advanced paper-like Pearl e-ink display that reduces eye-strain, doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns at bedtime, and works outside in direct sunlight, an important consideration especially for vacation reading. Kindle’s $139 price point is a key factor — it’s low enough that people don’t have to choose.”

Amazon did not mention any sales figures however the holidays did help Amazon get a final push to get its Kindle 3 sales at an all time high!

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